Email Marketing and Newsletters that Communicates and Drives Results

a complete email marketing solution to enable you to maintain your relationships with people who want to hear from you, while cutting costs, driving sales and increasing revenue

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Features to Make Managing Your Email Marketing a Dream

Managing your own email marketing campaigns is now easy!

With no software to install or technical skills required, you can now create and manage your own email marketing campaigns without hassle. All you need is an internet connections and you can start.

Schedule deliveries

Schedule your email marketing campaignsYour email marketing campaigns can be scheduled to be delivered at a time that will be optimum for opening by your subscribers.

Compare results between campaigns

Compare the results between your email marketing campaignsWant to know what campaign gave you the best results? By using the Comparative Statistics modules you can select the campaigns you wish to compate by Drag'n'drop the find out what campaign gave you the best results.

Spam check

Check your email campaigns for spam prior to sendingWant to know if your campaign is going to pass spam checks? Using the built in checker you will get an overall score before sending and find out how you can improve your rating.

Send survey invitations

Send your survey invitations using messageMakerUsing messageMaker you also have the option of sending your surveymaker invitations and reminders.

Subscriber history

you can see automatically each and every email that has been sent and opened by each subscriber, including the links that have been cliked on. This is ideal for profiling and enables you to create highly targeted offers.

Create multiple templates

Using messageMaker you can create as many templates as you need for use with any of your email marketing campaigns. All are saved and available for use at any time.

Test before you send

Setup test recipients and send your campaigns to them to cast their eye over your email before sending. You might just be surprised at the typos they find!

Campaign statistics

Full delivery statisitcsCheck your delivery statistics and find out your open rate. You can also find out how many clicked on the links in your campaign all through high quality charts and graphs.

Subscriber management

Integrated into messageMaker is the Subscriber management module that takes care of subscriber and list management, including Blacklist Management.

Mailing lists

Simple mailing list managementYou can create as many mailing lists as you require for your different campiangs and market segments and export and import all mailing list data.

Create custom fields

With the subscriber management module you can create custom fields to enable you to keep more information about your subscribers. These can be merged seemlessly with your email campaigns.